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Product Spotlight: Branded USB Flash Drives

Early in 2012, I decided to do away with DVDs and deliver all wedding images on USB flash drives. I’ve always recommended that clients make duplicate backups of their wedding images across several machines (desktop computers, laptops, external hard drive, iPads, tablets, etc), the more the merrier. Not all computer devices have disk drives installed, which can make backing up files difficult. Using a USB drive eliminates the need for a disk drive, making multiple backups a breeze. The problem was I didn’t want it to be any old generic flash drive. I wanted something nice, but given my need to keep it simple I didn’t want anything that was too over the top either. As soon as I saw these custom branded white leather USB drives I knew I had found what I was looking for. If you’ve been stalking the blog for any length of time, then you know I have a thing for white leather, but you will not catch me in white leather pants! I’ll stick to USB drives and wedding albums. As a matter of fact, these drives are a perfect compliment to the white leather wedding albums I blogged just last week.

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