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“A Rose Is Still a Rose” – Long Island Wedding Photographer

As much as I enjoy taking photos of people, one of my joys as a photographer is to shoot still life. Every now and then it can be fun to shoot something that isn’t moving. Looking around for something to shoot, I remembered that I had brought home a beautiful rose arrangement from last week’s LIHCC event. I figured they would be in bad shape but when I found them, I noticed that they still looked pretty good. So I decided to do what I always do……I photographed them!

Since I really wanted to get in close, I used one of my macro lenses. In this particular case it was the Pentax FA 50mm Macro… of the 2 or 3 sharpest lenses even made by Pentax. Not only is it sharp, it really renders beautiful color and produces some really soft out-of-focus areas. The pink-white rose made for a really nice subject.

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