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Photo of the Week: The Happy Groom

Sometimes we wait for key moments to happen, like the ‘handoff’ where the bride’s dad gives his daughter away to her husband. Knowing the importance of this particular moment and what it means, it’s something I tend to look for. In the midst of waiting for something to happen there are other things going on and it’s important to not lose sight of that. While waiting for the handoff to happen, I spotted Matt with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. No words need to be said here because that smile on his face says it all..

long island wedding photojournalist

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Photo of the Week: The Flower Girl

Here’s a little ‘blast from the past’ from Liz and Craig’s 2011 wedding. From the second I took this photo it has been one of my favorite wedding images. I just love having kids at weddings. One reason being you never know what to expect from them. In this case the look on the flower girl’s face is so captivating. It’s as if she’s looking at a fairytale princess and thinking to herself “That’s going to be me one day.”

Backstory: I was patiently waiting for the bride’s father to come down for the first look at his daughter in her wedding dress. The flower girl, accompanied by her mother, came down first. I guess it pays to be prepared for anything, even if it’s something you didn’t plan for…

long island wedding photojournalist

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Alan Abrams Photography Featured in Newsday’s 2012 Bridal Planner

As far as news is concerned, it really doesn’t get much bigger than this!

We’ve been featured in the latest issue of the Newsday’s 2012 Bridal Planner! Not only have some our photos been featured in a few of the articles, we also had the honor of having one of our 2011 brides on the front cover!

When the writers and editors from Newsday first contact us back in November, to say I was a bit stunned would be an understatement. They wanted to use OUR images in their bridal planner! I mean how cool is that?! We’ve always felt our work was top notch and our couples have been as thrilled with us as we’ve been with them. Having great relationships with our couples has always been the cornerstone of what we do. It’s something I feel comes across well in our images. For our work recognized by a publication as big as Newsday is extremely flattering, not only for us but for all of our couples as well.

Cover Photo from Liz & Craig’s Wedding


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