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Up, Up, and Away! Helicopter Flight – Long Island Wedding Photographer

This past week I took my first ever flight in a helicopter. Sponsored by the U.S. Marines, this flight exercise took place at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. This gave regular folks like me the chance to fly in a real live chopper. I was amazed at how smooth the flight was. I was expecting a pretty choppy ride, but my commute home afterwards turned out to be the bumpier than the helicopter. The fact that you’re not flying as high as a jet and not moving as fast, allows you to see more during the flight and makes for some pretty good photo opportunities as well.

I’d like to thank GySgt Lionel Saulsberry and Captain David Kim of the United States Marine Corps for allowing me to go up and capture these image. Thanks guys….OOO-RAH!

The Cockpit

Taking off…

Nassau County’s North Shore

New York City skyline from a distance

USMMA Boat Basin

Aerial view of the USMMA campus

Mariner’s Chapel

Kings Point, New York

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