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Becca Being Becca – Long Island Photographer

So Rebecca is getting ready for college…..a big step step in a girls life. It’s also a big step in any parent’s life, sending their child off into the cold, cruel world. This is a time when all parents have concerns about their child’s future.

My main concern? Packing for school? Nope.

Making sure she has everything she needs to survive in the world. Nope.

College loans and tuition bills? Nope.

You know what I’m concerned about. My main concern is squeezing this last month of photos out of her before we ship her off to school. Who says I don’t have my priorities in order?

You see, Becca is my favorite model.

Not because she sits there patiently while I snap away…..she doesn’t.

Not because she jumps at the chance to get her picture taken at the mere mention of it….she doesn’t do that either.

It’s because I love taking pictures of her.

When she cooperates (which isn’t very often), she is a wonderful model. Very pretty and extremely photogenic. (she’s gonna kill me when she sees this).

Anyway, we’re outside the other day. I’m practicing for an upcoming photo session by playing around with some off-camera lighting. I set everything up and point the camera at her. She turns away.

I wait. (we play this game ALL the time)

Finally, she gives up and lets me snap a few shots. Nothing special.

She looks away and I pounce! That’s when it happens…..and that’s why she’s my favorite model.