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Monthly Archives: February 2009

LIHCC Latin Jazz Night – Long Island Wedding Photographer

Another thing I enjoy doing is shooting social events and parties. Although I take some posed shots at these events, I much prefer to shoot them in a photojournalistic manner. Capturing people in their natural setting, doing the things they normally do is what Alan Abrams Photography is all about. Besides, it’s so much better than walking up to someone and saying, “Smile!”.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting another networking event for the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The LIHCC is a non-profit organization that understands the importance of giving something back to the community and an organization I feel is worthy of my time and one that I am honored to be a member of.

This particular networking event, dubbed “Latin Jazz Night”, is one of the many networking and fundraising events that are held throughout the year. Featuring live music by the Cuban Cigars, it was an energy-packed evening and a good time was had by all. I’ve shot quite a few LIHCC events and all of them have been a blast. Great music, beautiful people, a really good cause…..what more could you ask for!

One lucky person was fortunate to go home with one of my limited edition prints, courtesy of a business card raffle.

The one and only Cuban Cigars, led by Rob Spano.

More photos from “Latin Jazz Night”

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Long Island -

Great Pics!!!

Germany ’09: Part 1 – Long Island Wedding Photographer

The following is a series of images were taken during our recent trip to Germany. I’ve divided the posts up into different segments based on location.

Part 1 of the series covers our arrival at Frankfurt Airport and some images from downtown Heidelberg.

Here’s something you don’t see in the States…..a “Smoking Zone”



A street musician blowing his horn…


The restaurants in Germany are out of this world, as is the wide variety of beer…




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